Letters from Management

Monthly Analyses about the crypto markets from Managing Partner Felix Hartmann

The Crypto Opposition's DilemmaListen now (13 min) | Hartmann Capital July 2021 Update
Bitcoin dies once again... Spoiler: It did not.Listen now (11 min) | Hartmann Capital June 2021 Update
The Two Worlds of CryptoListen now (13 min) | Hartmann Capital May 2021 Update
The Digital Asset Super CycleListen now (15 min) | Hartmann Capital March 2021 Update
Arrival of the Early AdoptersListen now | Welcome to 2021! If you are like me and too busy to read the many newsletters you are subscribed to, I hope you enjoy the audio-track of…
Hartmann Capital December 2020 Update
Hartmann Capital November 2020 Update
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